Where To Get Free Images

Where To Get Free Images For Websites

Today I thought I would go with some training I recently watched again, and write an article about where to get free images for websites. Let’s assume you are like me with your internet marketing and blogging. you have your website up and are adding quality posts,  at the rate of 2 or 3 per week. This training reminded me, that to really make the articles “pop”, to really make them “pleasing to the eye” for the reader, add images. Not just any images, mind you. Not many who are just starting out online have the ready funds to lay down for images for their site. They use free images as much as possible, as do I. And so, I offer you some ways to get free images for your website.

Here I will attempt to show some of the places I go to on a regular basis for free images, and some of the places I plan to go to in the future. All of them free. Beware one thing, though.

Warning | Free Website ImageYou may find yourself “drowning” in images, and get lost in the process.


Let’s begin, shall we?

Why Add Images To Your Website?

First, let’s cover the basic premise that you are building out your website with articles of value. Not just “fluff”, you want to show your audience that you know what your site is about. So you write. And write. And write.

Anyone reading a really good book knows, eyes get tired of words words words. Breaking up the article with a photo or two is key to retaining your audience. If you are writing a review, take some screenshots of the product pros and cons. If you are writing about a specific product, find relevant photos of the product.

My Top 3 Sites for Free Images for Your Website

So let’s just get right into it, shall we? I found this training on finding and inserting free images for your website from my favourite free Website Building platform, Wealthy Affiliate.  It is a short training by the founder of Wealthy Affiliate, less than 20 minutes in length. Most of this specific article is taken from that training, and its just an example of the kind of in depth training one can receive as a member of Wealth Affiliate.

  1. The website that I found was “new to me”? Wikimedia. Yes, I knew about Wikipedia, yet, I enjoyed playing around with the Wikimedia Commons site. One thing I was sure to be aware of while searching, was that the images were, indeed, free. Within the site itself:Where to Get Free Images
  2. This next website for free stock images Free Stock Photos (sxc.hu) immediately redirects to https://www.freeimages.com/. You can sign up for a free account, or merely enter your keyword on their main page. As soon as you enter your keyword in the search bar, it sends you to a second page where you have search tabs. The default is “All Images”, yet you can quickly switch to “Free Images”.  In following the training I referenced earlier, when I did a search for “raspberries” on this site, I was given the option of the size of the file I wanted to download – a bonus.
  3. And the last site where you can go to get free images for your website? It is a bunch of Creat Commons Zero Sites, free to use any way you like. I post the links here, directly off of the training page within Wealthy Affiliate that I mentioned earlier:

CC0 (Create Commons Zero Sites, free to use in any way you like)

Although these sites say the photos are free to use, remember to check the fine print for each picture to be sure.  And I have used a couple of these sites in the past, not all of them. I post here for your benefit, and mine, actually, as I plan on adding more photos to my articles going forward.

As a website owner, you are responsible to be sure that the content that goes on your site is, indeed,  “royalty free”. No strings attached, even hidden strings can get you into trouble. You must read the permissions for each image that you use as each one will have different rules.

What About Your Own Free Photos?

Yes, you read that right. You have probably been snapping photos with your smartphone for as long as you’ve had it. Why not use some of your own photos to enhance your website and your articles? It’s pretty easy to do.

Think of what you are writing about, your passion. Be on the lookout for photo ops in your everyday. If its an exercise blog you write about, take a snapshot of some of your equipment. Candid photos are great aids to articles, and they add a personal touch to your post. And the best part of it, the photos are yours. You can even add them to the sites I mentioned here, to give yourself more visibility in the online world.

You could also try using some screen capture software. What I have found has a fee attached, except the last one, which I have been using for years.

Where to Get Free Images


When it’s all said and done,  where to get free images for your website does take a bit of research. I didn’t go into detail on the usual sites like Unsplash.com and Pixabay.com. Frankly, I wanted to find some alternate ones that still maintain good quality photos, and the key being “free”.

I have enjoyed searching for my photos for my articles on this site, geared toward Baby Boomers and affiliate marketing. Free is key, whether for images, or for learning how to blog online and make an income.

>>>>>Affiliate Disclaimer: Some links and banners on this page are affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link or banner, you will be taken to the merchant’s website. In going there, I stand to make a commission should you choose to purchase the product or join the website. Your price does not change.

I do hope you check out the free training at Wealthy Affiliate, and let me know in a comment below if you found any other free image sites.

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