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Web Content Creation a.k.a. Creating Readable Content that Converts.

This is something I had a bit of trouble with in the past. As I began my online presence, I was attempting to learn how to work with both Search Engines reading my content and people reading my content. Bringing my target audience to my content, do I stuff keywords, or do I write content? I was confused.  I reviewed some of the teaching within my Wealthy Affiliate Membership. And herein lies my “takeaway” from that teaching.

The teaching in a nutshell? You don’t want to make the process of creating content more complex than it actually is. And it is not that complex. This article walks you through some key elements.  I quite like the training within Wealthy Affiliate, and yet, some if it is over 10 years old. Timeless.  I find that if I make notes, and write in my journal, in my own words, it seems to “stick” in this Baby Boomer mind a lot longer. So here you go, I hope this helps you.

The key to good web content creation is knowing what content to create, a.k.a. Proper keyword selection.

Keyword Selection How To

Writing a converting article begins with selecting the correct keyword. You have a couple basic options. You can do it the way I used to do all the time. [and still do actually, to get the creative juices rolling]. And that’s by using a search engine. Your search engine will probably be Google, the world’s most used search engine.

Google is The World's Most Used Search Engine

So, on to you selecting the best keyword. Here’s what I mean.

Imagine I am researching an article on dog care, specifically for an older dog. I simply go to Google, and begin my research:

Web Content Creation


And then I can narrow the search down as I need to. That is my go to favorite keyword selection tool. Or, should I say, was my go to favourite.

Until I joined Wealthy Affiliate, and found the Jaxxy tool. And it was, and still is, a game changer for me.

With the Jaxxy tool in my arsenal, I am able to find just the correct quality keyword. One that is also searched for by others. No point in writing an article about how to build a snowman, for example, if no one is currently experiencing snow! So the traffic for the search term is key. The volume of searches, per month, should be at least 40.

KW research QSR [quote search results]under 100 is best, in fact, the closer the QSR is to Zero, the better. Traffic – if the search term that I am looking at gets over 50 searches per month, I go for it.  Yes, 50. The lower competition, moderate traffic keywords are typically more relevant and convert better anyways, even 40 is better.  And the keyword must make sense to people because remember, we are writing content for our audience, not search engines. Here, try it yourself.

Web Content Creation Research Tool Jaaxy

So now that you have your best keyword for your blog post or article, it’s time to create your readable content. That is also, hopefully, content that converts.  As I said, the article within Wealthy Affiliate has some good pointers, a portion of which I will expand upon here.

>>>>>Affiliate Disclaimer: Some links and banners on this page are affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link or banner, you will be taken to the merchant’s website. In going there, I stand to make a commission should you choose to purchase the product or join the website. Your price does not change.

Creating Quality Readable Content

  • Use a headline that captivates the reader right off the get-go. Draw them in to your article with a headline that makes them want to read on, to see what it is that you are saying.
  • Use Short Paragraphs. Probably no more than 3 or 4 sentences. This breaks up the reading for the reader. Add relevant images throughout your article, too. Especially in the first “fold” of the page. This area is the portion of the website visible without scrolling.
  • Separate the ideas that you want to convey with HEADING Tags (h3 or h4).
  • Use dark text on a white background. I know from experience, it is much easier to read, as it is similar to reading a book. Dark text on a white background works for offline, and online, reading.
  • Use conversational writing, as if you are talking to your audience. This one is a tad difficult for me, as it seems I don’t speak ‘conversational English”. Even though I am Canadian born and raised.  I use the word “television” instead of “T.V.”, for example. Possibly a throwback to my home schooling days of teaching my 3 children? I don’t know, yet I do know it is better to use conversational English in article writing. [And I am getting better at it the more I practice].

My Conclusion

Web content creation should be, first and foremost, about creating content to help people in some way. Find their need, and then fill it, basically. Do it in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Easy to read and follow along. With images and links to more about the topic they are asking about.

I have found that my membership within Wealthy Affiliate has taught me a lot about creating readable content that converts. Used to be, I would “stuff” my chosen keywords into my articles. This would, in most cases, make the article more about search engine ranking and less about helping people. I have learned a lot within Wealthy Affiliate, and I certainly recommend you check them out, free to look around.

>>>>>Affiliate Disclaimer: Some links and banners on this page are affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link or banner, you will be taken to the merchant’s website. In going there, I stand to make a commission should you choose to purchase the product, or join the website. Your price does not change.

I do hope you found this article interesting, leave me a comment if you like what you read. Leave me a comment if you find something that would help me, and others, with our web content creation. Heck, just leave a comment here if you are just stopping by, even!

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