My Online Startup Review – Can Baby Boomers Make Money With MOS?


Hi, my name is Leona and I aim to give you an honest, insightful review of My Online Startup (MOS). Specifically, can Baby Boomers make money with MOS? From anywhere. I am basing my review as a newbie of the product myself, I am a product of the product. Yes, I did my research of the program before I joined, first as a free member, then as a paid Leader. [More on that later].

Why My Online Startup

First, let me begin by telling you why I joined My Online Startup [MOS] in the first place. I was looking for a comprehensive, successful affiliate marketing program that would not only teach the basics of the online world to the masses, the program would be accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. The platform at MOS seemed to fit my criteria.

Here I found recorded training; a community support system; and an opportunity to learn a sustainable online business. I must add the caveat –  if I was willing to put in the hours needed. Let me give you a break down of why I think My Online Startup is a great system, specifically from a Baby Boomer perspective.

Now, to be warned, If at any point you decide to join MOS here, be aware of the following:

  • It’s Free to Get Started
    That’s right, there is no credit card needed at the Starter level. Totally free to join.
  • It Requires Time and Dedication
    You MUST be committed to your online business. To learn, usually from others much younger than you {and usually wiser to the ways of the affiliate marketer]. To ask questions and take action.

>>>>>Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links and banners within this post are affiliate links of which, when clicked upon, I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items.

My Online Startup Overview

My Online Startup is the brainchild of Chuck Nguyen. He set up this educational affiliate marketing platform to help anyone to start, and maintain, an online business. Part of the beauty of MOS is that it is also a free affiliate marketing program, with Chuck and his team taking all the “heavy lifting” from promoting MOS. All you need to do is give your audience the free program, and Chuck’s team does the rest.

As I said, the price of membership to My Online Startup basic is free. Within the basic free program you get hours of training on Affiliate Marketing. And training on having the correct mindset is where it all begins. Training also covers lead generation, as well as recommended products to make your online business run more smoothly.

And a Membership at the Leader level {which is where I currently reside} was priced under $700 CDN. The cost of one semester of university I am attending was over $1400, so I saw it as a no brainer to join at a leader level. Affiliate commissions go up as you go up in levels within MOS.

My Online Startup Has Great Training

The training within MOS is great, yet, could be better, to be quite honest. Chuck does begin his free level training with mindset training, and ensuring we develop the correct mindset before we begin is one of the key elements about My Online Startup that I appreciate. Once you go through the many modules within MOS, you will also have many recommended resources, outside of MOS.

To be honest, again, I found that some of the outside resources had a fee to join, so the free program with MOS, although free, ends up costing a bit more to set up the affiliate side of your business. I understand the need, I understand that this is a long term investment, merely saying, its “free, not free”.

Their training focuses on taking a basically new marketer to a successful long-term business in their chosen niche. I am unsure if it is a viable program for a well seasoned marketer, you might want to check out one of Chuck’s recommendations here, which offers a different perspective on Affiliate Marketing.

One major downfall of most other affiliate marketing programs and platforms is in the area of the sense of community. With My Online Startup, this sense of community is a key component to their success. As Chuck continues to get the platform moving in the direction he wants, some things change, and the “community” within the My Online Startup platform is a bit choppy at present time of writing this review. I look forward to more consistency going forward.

My Online Startup Support

With any program online, support is crucial. Within the MOS platform itself, accessing support when you are in the middle of building your business is choppy, some ways are faster than others.

As a free member, the support within the community at large is ever expanding, as well as support from the admin of MOS. My Online Startup values the concept of community helping and supporting community. All community members are in the process of building their own successful businesses online, and many offer their own tips and tricks within the platform, free of charge to other members. Yes, even Baby Boomers get this support.

  • Personal messaging
  • Comments on blog posts
  • Access the MOS admin
  • Hangouts

At a Leader level, I have access to Chuck’s support team as well as the aforementioned free support.

My Online Startup Tools

Running any business online [or offline] requires tools, and specifically, user friendly tools. In addition to the mindset tools within MOS,

  • They recommend their top pick for the best email marketing platform. Heck, they currently offer a free Done-For-You email campaign set up, using their team to get quality letters integrated with your My Online Startup business. Did I mention this is FREE?
  • They have recommended Hosting and blogs. They also currently offer a free Done-For-You blog setup, with all the widgets necessary to make it easier for promoting your free MOS site. Did I mention this is also currently a FREE service for you?
  • They currently also offer you their top picks for systems you will need, some of which do cost you a recurring fee. Most of them are affiliate links, so when you sign up for the program and then promote it, you make some commission.

>>>>>Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links and banners on this page are affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link or banner, yes, you will be taken to the merchant’s website. In going there, I stand to make a commission should you choose to purchase the product or join the website. Your cost does not change.

My Online Startup Baby Boomer Review

My Online Startup Successful Affiliate Program

Within My Online Startup itself, there is the opportunity for building a successful online income. Surrounding yourself with successful people within the community, you can start to taste their success, and build off of their achievements.

With dedication, time, and consistent work, you, too, can become one of those who quit their “day job” to focus on their online business. (Or, in the case of the Baby Boomer, you can become a MOS entrepreneur who is able to supplement their income and help mentor others to do the same. Just put people in front of the program, and the owner, Chuck, and his team do all the rest. How sweet it is!

My Online Startup Review – My Conclusion

So, as to my conclusion to the My Online Startup platform – I feel it is a great startup platform for new and seasoned online marketers. With the free program, one is able to access stellar teaching on personal development as well as the online world. Without even upgrading from FREE {I don’t know who wouldn’t want to upgrade}, promoting MOS can be quite lucrative.

Within the platform itself, it teaches you affiliate marketing, and pays you in “MOS points” to learn. Advancing within the platform to one of many paid levels, your commissions and earning potential increases. Yet, don’t just take my word for it.

For FREE, check it out yourself. Don’t spend a dime at first, as you invest in your own training. Do your own due diligence to see if this would be a right fit for you. If you decide to invest in a Paid MOS membership level down the road, it will be because you yourself see the value in the platform.

As always, if you have any questions for this Baby Boomer of My Online Startup, and I mean ANY questions about the MOS program itself, please, drop a comment below. I will be happy to answer, or to find the answer if I don’t know it [community helps].

And one last thing – if you are reading this as a former, or current, member of My Online Startup, and would like to leave your own feedback or review on what MOS has done for you, feel free. I would love to hear it.

My Online Startup


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