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Coronavirus is impacting countless households in more ways than merely our health. When it comes to finances, people are hunkering down for the long haul, and many are searching for ways to make money during pandemic. Here I will give some insight, hopefully some encouragement, and last of all, a way to begin, now, for free, to make money during this uncertain time, April 2020 at time of writing this article.

First, though, I would like to remind everyone that a world wide pandemic such as Covid19 is no small thing. And it impacts countries differently, depending on the country. At time of writing, globally, the World Health Organization number of reported confirmed cases exceeded 2 million.

Much of the world is focused on the pandemic. On the number of sick, or those recovering, even focused on deaths related to Covid19. With the focus being on the staggering number of newly unemployed, how can I not suggest one way, let alone many ways, to make money during this unprecedented time?

So let’s begin with a thought. That this will pass, and people will come out from here with a new appreciation for their friends, their family. And some will come to a new realization that there are different ways to make money, many different ways. Make money with increasing your income, or reducing your expenditures. Or both. You choose. I am merely going to make some suggestions here, while I have a bit of time on my hands.

3 Ways to Make Money During Pandemics

Three of the best ways to make money during the Coronavirus. Now, to be fair, these are my top ways, so that’s why I think they are “the best”. I welcome your opinion.

  1. One of the easiest ways, as I have said before, is to take advantage of your wifi and begin by taking online surveys. You don’t have to leave home. You can still social distance. You can do it in your pyjamas, even!
  2. Another way, involving getting dressed and going out in public [carefully, keeping in mind the proper protocols], is to get a part time job with one of the businesses considered to be essential. Essential services like grocery and pharmacy. Here in Canada pet stores and even liquor stores are considered essential. Some restaurants are still open as well. Many of them, especially grocery and pharmacy, are working long hours to meet the needs of the public. Find a store you can support by working part time, easing their workload. You would be earning extra income, and helping others in your community at the same time.
  3. And my third pick for the top 3 is to do freelance work. Again, this one requires you to work from home, and you can usually choose your own hours. Do you have a specific skill set that would benefit others? Maybe you are a blogger. Maybe you like to develop new games. Sites like or offer a plethora of opportunities.

Make Money During Pandemic

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So as I said, one way to make money is to add income. And another way is to look at your expenses, and determine which ones you can cut. Safely, of course. If you are in a household of more than just yourself, of course you must sit down with all involved and get their opinion on ways to cut costs. Or at the very least, let them know your plans, on how you’re going to reduce your expenses – hopefully for the short term.

Make Money During a Pandemic – Reduce Expenses

Aside from bringing in more cash, had you considered reducing your expenses? Now I realize you probably cannot reduce your rent, or mortgage [although the Canadian government has some ideas to help lighten the load for Canadians].

Likewise, you probably cannot reduce your grocery costs. To the contrary, if you are like me, you may be finding your grocery bill has increased these past 2 months! More people spending time social distancing and “boredom eating”, I guess.

Coupled with the increased cost of goods for the stores, who must pass those fees on to us, their consumers. I understand, and it merely makes me more determined to find ways to decrease my monthly costs in many of my budget. Let me give a couple of examples of ways to possibly reduce expenses.

  1. Call your insurance provider. With more people social distancing, and using their vehicles less, many insurance companies are offering a discount. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?
  2. The same goes with your cell phone service and streaming services. Gym memberships. Call the companies, see if any of them are offering discounts. If you are paying for 2 or 3 different video streaming platforms, can you get by using just one, for a couple of months at least? You could, quite possibly, cut your monthly expenses in half, while still maintaining the “entertainment level” and keeping boredom at bay.
  3. This last area to possibly cut, contrary to what I earlier said, is, indeed, in your monthly food costs. It doesn’t take a genius to realize if we are social distancing, we are, usually, eating out less. Making food at home, could be an initial increase in food costs, if you don’t have all the ingredients.

And yet, as I have found over the weeks, making food at home, from scratch, is less expensive now than going out to eat. Gone are the days {for now} of eating out once or twice a week.

Now I’m cooking at home, finding new recipes, using old recipes, finding ways to use up the food in the pantry so I don’t have to grocery shop as often. And my grocery bill has levelled out, and is even, now, on the down turn. Who knew? Well, I guess my grandma knew. One key element to make my money stretch during this pandemic, for me, is to make a shopping list, and stick to the list when I shop.

Make Money During Pandemic – Online Marketing

So I have discussed how to make money the traditional way, and how to save money. How about this? What are some creative ways to make money during this pandemic?

Well, what if you already have a brick and mortar store, and are finding that your business has slowed, almost come to a standstill? Think outside the box.

According to Fox13 News you could diversify your store. Here in Canada, in BC specifically, there has been an issue with toilet paper, cleaning and disinfecting supplies, and yeast for bread making. A variety of products that you could add to your storefront to sell. Just be aware of price gouging. No one likes it when necessities shoot up in price simply because it’s in high demand. “whatever the market will bear” has its place, just not, in my opinion, during pandemics.

Conclusion on Pandemic Funds

Yes, there are ways to increase your funds, even during pandemics. Work smarter, not harder. Think outside the box. Look for ways to help others, and in doing so, you help yourself.

And what’s my favourite way to create a sustainable income even during a pandemic? Blogging. Yep, you knew I was going to end with blogging, right?

Become a blogger. All you really need is a platform, like Wealthy Affiliate. And time. You need time. Time to develop your audience, to write articles, to promote affiliate products. And you, too, can make money during pandemic. Let me know if you need any help in setting up during this time. Leave a comment to say you stopped by, I read every one of them. Cheers.

Make Money During Pandemic


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