How To Start A Business For Free


Wow! At the time of this writing, the world-wide Coronavirus pandemic is in month 3, and affecting me personally for more than a month. How to Start a Business for Free is a concept that more and more people are searching online, as their income is reduced, or, in some cases [like mine], becomes non-existent].

This article aims to show some basic steps on how to start a business for free, the focus being an online business, primarily. Entrepreneurs [like yourself, perhaps?] are looking to expand their online presence, or begin to form a serious online presence. First, question, though, is

Why Start a Business For Free

A world wide pandemic is the least best time for starting a business, let alone for free, right? Or am I? Now granted, the economy, worldwide, is in a downward spiral. Governments are pumping billions – yes billions – of dollars into their country’s economy as a means to help. Who is going to pay for this money created “out of thin air”, in some cases? Yet, that is not my point here.

You see, now can also be one of the best times to start a business for free. The mindset of a successful entrepreneur must be “this, too, shall pass.” And wanting to be one of the ones in the forefront of their nation’s, even the world’s, recovery, to be one who helps bring about that recovery…who wouldn’t want to start there? Who indeed, is best to start a business for free?

Who Best to Start a Business For Free

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Mark Cuban states it well.  “this is the perfect time to start a business you love” 

Yet, who is he speaking to, exactly? Who is it that has the drive to start from scratch, to do all the hard work, to input their sweat equity into their business? In my opinion, there is no “best” demographic to start a business for free. In my opinion, it’s more about “who has the best mindset to start a business for free.

Anyone who has been reading my prior articles knows I am a strong proponent of establishing the correct mindset. Whether it is to do with anxiety and fear over the coronavirus, or to do with a calm assurance that now is THE perfect time to start something new. It has to do with mindset.

So who is best to start a business for free? Someone who has their mind established in creating a better world for others. Working at any business is not about self as much as it is about what service can you provide for others. See the general need, and then see how you can provide the answer to that need.

For example, right now, it seems, there is a lot of fear in the world around Covid19. Social distancing is the “new normal” that has come strongly to the forefront. Fear of contagion, and fear of family being stricken. According to Wikipedia, there is a lot of misinformation at the time of this writing as well. Some of the best suited businesses right now could be those who source PPE for the general population as well as the front line medical and retail grocery outlets; or those who bring hope to those who find their mental health suffering.

Who are the best ones to start a business for free? In my opinion, the ones who see the future, beyond this crisis. They are the ones who will work to bring some sort of answer, or relief, for others. Now, let’s speak to the task of how?

How to Build a Successful Business Online

How to Start a Business For Free

Here is where it gets interesting. Online businesses seem to be a “dime a dozen”. Who do you turn to for the best program? What do you look for in starting a business? If your goal is to replace your full time employment, a.k.a. job, then focusing on passive income is a no brainer. Why work and work and work to make money online, each and every month? Why not “set it and forget it” instead.

Setting up your online empire, your passive income generating source, takes time in the beginning. Sweat equity. Free online tutorials and courses on setting up a blog, writing articles and building a mailing list are good. So, too, is My Online Startup. [yes, a plug for one of my projects, that is free to start.]  All geared toward your passive income stream. Yor list. Once you get your articles written and posted automatically on your blog; once you get your email list auto responder set up with your email sequence; once you have gained the trust of your audience, you’re good to go.

>>>>>Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links and banners within this post are affiliate links of which, when clicked upon, I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items.

If you are looking for a ready made business to market, affiliate marketing may be the answer. Sites like Clickbank offer a marketplace where you can browse to find what you are looking to promote. Simply sign up for a free Clickbank account, choose your product, and begin promoting to your list, or on your social media platforms.

With so many choices of businesses to start, how do you find the right fit for you?

What is the Best Free Business to Start

Well, now that depends on you as an entrepreneur. You see, the best free business to start really is determined by how much time and energy you want to put into learning your online business. Let me explain.

Baby Boomer University

With Wealthy Affiliate [yes, my all time favorite free business at present], I am happily moving through the training [as a newb to this type of thing, I really enjoy the training provided], writing my articles, following the directions on mostly everything.

What about the pandemic? I find online free businesses are cropping up everywhere right now, probably due to the masses of people wanting to get online work to supplement their income, or wanting to break out of their fear of not money. The fear is real, cannot buy and sell if there is no income. I get that. Fortunately for me, our Canadian government is providing assistance. But, I digress.

For me, the best free business to start is Wealthy Affiliate. And the second best free business to start is My Online Startup. I have begun both, although the second one is more adversely affected by the pandemic at present, there is still some really good training in both.


So, how to start a business for free could be as simple as just, one bite at a time? [from “How To Eat an Elephant” by Bill Hogan]

Serioulsy, though, it can be just that easy. Just sign up, take advantage of the free training, and …. Begin!

Let me know if you need more information on either of these 2 programs I am suggesting.

Let me know of programs you have found as well, on how to start a business for free!


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