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Getting Started With Facebook Marketing Free


Getting Started With Facebook Marketing Free

Looking to get some Facebook marketing, free, and not know how to begin? Are you willing to spend some time, every day, on your Facebook account? Nothing in life, including Facebook traffic, is really “free”. However, there is a way to take advantage of Facebook. Here,  I will give some ideas about some free Facebook marketing tools, and give you  steps to implement.

First off, realize that you do NOT need to spend a single penny on Facebook marketing. That’s right, if your online marketing budget is low to none, you can still do this! This method is beginner marketer friendly. 100%!! As long as you have a Facebook account [prefer one not associated with family, make it a business account if you can].

Realize, you cannot reach tens of thousands right at the start, like you would with paid ads. That’s the beauty of this. For the low budget marketer, willing to take the time to connect with others, it works. And the conversions are high, sometimes higher than with the paid ads.

Only one caveat. You must be willing to put in the time on your Facebook account, daily. And be more than willing to interact with others online. So, if that seems like something you’d be willing to do, let’s get started with some free Facebook marketing.

Facebook Marketing Free|Facebook Login

Facebook Marketing Free – Your Facebook Profile

People browsing Facebook usually look at profile images first, and cover images second. Your profile photo should look professional, yet inviting. Look like someone who is trustworthy [which you are, right?]. You want to ensure you look like someone your leads would trust, someone who they would go to for help and advice. The same with your cover image, it must look professional, not just something slapped together as a “place holder”.

So once you have your basic Facebook account set up, or your old one cleaned up, go ahead and begin to add friends. The friends you add to this account are business partners, leads, people with similar interests. What interests?

Those interested in affiliate marketing, internet marketing, online business opportunities, blogging, SEO, work from home – anything like that. Those are the friends you are looking to add. Basically, those looking for a way to make an income on the Internet. Looking to quit their job. Looking to become an Entrepreneur.

One thing I might add here, if you are using an established Facebook account, you may need to do a bit of clean up. Even on an ongoing basis, you should do a monthly account clean up of your inactive friends.

Delete all of your inactive friends. Wait, what? Let me explain something about using Social Media platforms, like Facebook, as a business tool. There are people  ‘out there’ who use bots to set up multiple accounts for themselves and to promote their businesses. Or they may set up numerous fake accounts. [And yes, Facebook shuts them down, it merely takes time, sometimes.]

So go ahead and clean up your account. Check for accounts with a photo of an animal for their profile photo. Or a logo only. These are usually people who will never be interested in what you are doing. Delete them! Seems harsh, right? Remember, it’s your business. And these accounts affect the algorithm Facebook uses to determine the exposure to your posts. No point in having inactive friends, right? This is your business!

Facebook Marketing Free Friend Remover Tool

Now, to make the process as quick and painless as possible, you can, using Chrome browser, install an extension called Friend Remover. And, as I said, use this tool monthly. It’s pretty user friendly, I won’t take much time showing you how to use it. Just, trust me, begin to use it!

Using Chrome, add the extension Friend Remover Pro

Facebook Marketing Free|Friend Remover Chrome Extension

Now, remember, as a friend on Facebook, building up your account means you also must be engaging with others. Make it a daily habit to go into your Facebook account and comment on friends’ posts. Make posts yourself as well, of course. Yet, make sure you are engaging with other people’s their posts. Congratulate them on their successes. You are here on this social media platform to be engaging. So engage!!

Use the platform as your business platform. Share your business results. Share meaningfully about your life in general. Be engaging with other posts, and be willing to show the world what your business is about. Social engagement is crucial for this free method to work.

Okay, so now you have your professional profile photo, and your background image. You have deleted old Facebook friends, inactive friends, friends with photos that are generic and not business like. You are constantly engaging on the platform itself, with the friends that you have.

Now, let’s get to adding like minded, business friends to your account. How to do that, you ask? There is a way….let me explain. In Part 2, soon to come.

Facebook Marketing Free – Conclusion to Part 1

Until next time, set to work getting your new business platform ready. And, as always, if you like this post, leave me a comment. If you have other tools to setting up and maintaining your Facebook account as a free marketing tool, leave me a comment below.

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