Affiliate Marketing to Baby Boomers


Targeted marketing strategies, in 2020 more than ever, are a crucial part of affiliate marketing to Baby Boomers, or any chosen niche you are in. You must create value for others.

Gone are the days of throwing content up on a blog “willy-nilly” and hoping people come to visit and engage in the content, sometimes deciding to buy your product or service. You must have quality content, and deliver it well, to your specific niche audience.

Becoming a successful, wealthy affiliate is about creating value for others in your specific niche. It’s about sharing your information, your content, with the goal of helping others. There are some specific keys to successfully market to the Boomer audience, and I hope to address some of them here. But first, what exactly is generational marketing?

Generational Marketing – What is it?

First off, when you segment and address audiences according to their age group, you’re engaging in generational marketing. Generational marketing to the Boomer audience means finding out what makes Baby Boomers different. How do they differ from, say, Millennials. Do your research, and then using those differences to market products or services to them.

And the differences abound. We know that Baby Boomers are the biggest and possibly the most reckless spenders. They are also the generation that’s holding most positions of power; they tend to be more focused than the younger generations, and they have a strong work ethic. Baby Boomers tend to be wealthy, savvy, online shoppers. Gaining their trust is key.

4 Effective Ways to Reach Baby Boomers

  1. Facebook. Many Boomers have embraced Facebook, and strategically placed sponsored ads are a sure way to catch their attention.
  2. Written Content. Yes, content is still king with Baby Boomers, who do prefer to read quality articles and blog posts {hello, like this one}; comments and reviews [like this one here]. If you publish it, they will read it.
  3. Video Content. This type of content, to effectively reach your Baby Boomer audience and keep them engaged, should be slow. Step by step tutorials are good. Information that is detailed needs to be presented in such a way that they feel comfortable listening to the entire video without having to stop and rewind because the person spoke too quickly, or too much information was presented in a short period of time.
  4. Email campaigns. Yes, an email campaign is a very effective way to reach the Baby Boomer audience with your best affiliate offer. They tend to read all emails sent to them.

Why Affiliate Marketing to Baby Boomers?

Baby Boomers can be specifically targeted with your affiliate offers for a variety of reasons. First of all, to state the obvious, because Boomers are now in their late 50s to early 70s. A lot of them are affluent, retired, and looking for ways to fill their days. They now find themselves with time on their hands, and are looking for an outlet.

Some who are retired are finding boredom to be their companion. They find that they need something to do. So they go online and shop. And, if you can get your affiliate offer in front of their eyes, you have a chance of capturing a sale! Yes, many Boomers have discovered the ease of online shopping, while others also realize the digital marketing world is a world they can ‘break into” and become a seller as well as a buyer.

Many Baby Boomers spend their days watching television, with the traditional t.v. ads bombarding them every 7 to 10 minutes. Savvy shoppers take that traditional advertising and go “look it up” on their computer or cell phone. Spending hours on researching their products that catch their eye, before deciding to purchase online. Translating to dollars and cents for you if you are somehow able to get your product in front of them. What products, specifically?

Popular Boomer Affiliate Marketing Products

Many Boomer shoppers are women. And many are interested in their overall health as they age. Health and beauty products, anti aging creams and lotions, vitamins and oils are high on the list of their online shopping.

Many find that Affiliate Marketing to avid Boomer gardeners to be lucrative. Working with their hands, “getting dirty” while beautifying their landscape occupies much of the Boomer’s time. Remembering their childhood homes and gardens, they take to gardening as a way to reflect on all that has happened with their lives. Finding affiliate products, and information, geared to the gardening and landscaping audience is another niche to pursue.

Family, friends, and entertainment are also good areas to market to boomers. Many Boomer women have spent half a lifetime raising a family, and now find their family grown and gone, yet they still want to do some entertaining.

And finally, another area of interest is the online marketing world itself. Digital marketing websites, how to online market, how to become a successful, wealthy affiliate marketer – all are areas searched online daily, and Baby Boomers are no exception. Training websites [like this one] that offer a free starter course in affiliate marketing are becoming very popular, and with good reason.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Some links and banners within this post are affiliate links of which, when clicked upon, I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items.

Suggested Marketing Platform – Wealthy Affiliate

So as stated at the beginning, “Targeted marketing strategies, in 2020 more than ever, are a crucial part of affiliate marketing to Baby Boomers.” And some targeted marketing strategies include the word “FREE”.

Many online searches for a program to learn to market include the term “free”. Many Baby Boomers, affluent or impoverished, are very “shopping” savvy. They realize, through their own lifetime, the value of every dollar they earned.

So when they turn to the online world for an affiliate program, they look for free content first. Free YouTube videos on just about every interest there is. And there are a lot of free affiliate programs. Wealthy Affiliate is one such program.

Clear, concise information in bite sized chunks. A huge online community of like-minded individuals who just want to provide content, and maybe make a dollar or two. Baby Boomers can join the program and feel like they are at home, immediately. Content well written, content in the form of videos, content with question and answers. It’s all there within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Perfectly laid out for Baby Boomers, I find the initial free platform quickly makes way for the paid version, and there’s no looking back. As I continue with my Wealthy Affiliate Baby Boomer website, I will continue to find ways to reach the Boomer audience and bring relevant information forward. I will document the good and the bad with the program. And I will continue to promote the good, to all – Baby Boomer or not.

So one last thing – if you have any questions for this Baby Boomer on the content presented here in this post about Affiliate Marketing to Baby Boomers, or about the Wealthy Affiliate program itself, please, drop a comment below. I will be happy to answer.



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