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Being an affiliate is something that has been a burning desire within me for more years that I’d like to admit! Hello, and welcome to Wealthy Afiliate Baby Boomer, I am so glad you stopped by. My name is Leona, and, as you may have guessed by the name of my website, I AM A BABY BOOMER! And an introvert, at that.


So, about 10 years ago, I really got hooked on the Internet, and the “make money online” bug hit me, and hit me hard! Finding a program that would educate me was a different story, however. I knew absolutely nothing about Affiliate Marketing, just I merely knew that it was a good source of income for so many online, why not me? So I began to search.

Now, the typical “wow, I finally made it online” or “making a living as an affiliate marketer” claims are easy enough to find with a short “Google search”. So this is a bit different. This is a bit of a work in progress, for just last year, 2019, I “stumbled” onto the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. It seems that when the student is ready, the teacher does appear!

Yet, this student recently turned 60 years old! Could I really expect to break into the affiliate marketing niche and make a great income from anywhere in the world, with my trusty Mac? I determined to find out. So as I had signed up to so many programs in the past, this one was different, I thought. The mentoring and sense of community here is stellar, for this young marketer is really wet behind the ears. The teachers, some of them, are younger than my offspring! Yet, they don’t make me feel old.


The Why Behind This Site

As I said, I had been researching Affiliate Marketing for years, and to be truthful, my searching and researching was selfish. I wanted to learn online marketing for personal reasons. Making me financially independent. And yet, over this past year, I did a lot of real deep self reflection [turning 60 can do that to a gal]. And I realized, if I feel a need to “make it” online, what about other Baby Boomers. Do they, also, want a program, a way to supplement their income? Do they want something that will keep them engaged, and put money in their pockets? Are they, like me, searching for something so well laid out that even us seniors can do it?

So my desire for personal wealth creation online changed to a desire to show other seniors [introverted seniors, at that] that wealth creation online is doable. Step by step, I plan to document my successes and setbacks. My struggles and breakthroughs. And if it can help others navigate the Affilaite Marketing Niche, and Wealthy Affiliate if they are a member, then that’s a reward I will gladly accept.



And so, as I said, I am documenting my Wealthy Affiliate journey here. To help other Baby Boomers navigate a seemingly massive, sometimes over powering, affiliate income generating platform. Sometimes frustrating, as I have to go over and over some simple teaching that a 30-year old would just know. Yet, all the time, empowering, freeing, and a mentor is just a quick personal message question away.

Join me on my Wealthy Affiliate Baby Boomer journey, as I document what it takes for me to become what I had been searching to become for over 10 years.

If you have any questions, leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you, or steer you in the direction of help.

All the best,


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